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Established in 1976 CMCI Co. is a Manufacturer of Sewing Machines mostly for the Footwear and Leather Goods Industries.

It is located in the Marche Region where the great majority of Italian shoemakers are concentrated (some 2.500 units) which lead the way to innovation and are among the most demanding customers

In fact CMCI Co. is always open to considering new proposal and inputs that could pace the shoemaker with the increasingly fast men and women fashion trends.

The constant effort of CMCI Co. in research and development makes the company range among the most advanced manufacturers of high precision machinery with a special mission devoted to making shoe workmanship easier and in line with our computerized times.

Today CMCI Co. accounts for some 18 different machine models (each of them planned, construed and tested for specific types of sewing) apart from their subclasses (i.e. optional devices for increasing each model’s performances).

The company main policy may be found in their principle of – no matter where it is - any customer must always be provided with after sales support and technical assistance.

C.M.C.I is an Italian company specialized in sewing machines for shoe uppers, welt & sole stitching machines.

Following are a few Popular Models:-